Explore These 4 Tips To Select The Best Diary Gift For Your Best Friend

Explore These 4 Tips To Select The Best Diary Gift For Your Best Friend

Sending gifts to your friends on their birthday or for any special occasion is the sweetest way to let them feel surprised. However, the plethora of gift ideas available in offline and online modes bewilders people. What could be the best option than a diary gift for best friends to keep your connection strong with them?

Suppose your friend loves to write or analyse scribbling notes or ideas into a notebook, introducing them to the diary, an art of penning down his valuable thoughts. It is a sustainable gift idea that preserves their memories and special moments, inspiring and motivating them to achieve their dreams.

4 Tips to pick the perfect diary gift for your best friend

diary gift for best friend

A combo of pen and diary will make your present a better one. This will nudge the creativity of your best friend, establishing a deep connection between their realms of paper and ink. If you are on your way you buy a journal diary online to present to your best friend, here are a few effective tips to look at while making the purchase.

  • Choose a compact and convenient

A diary is more than just a notebook; it is the magic tool that propels your friends' success. It must remain with them always and endure for years. Therefore, you must choose a sturdy item that is of great quality.

Moreover, it should be compatible and easy to carry around wherever they go. While deciding on the size, there are various options – pocket size, slimline A6, mid-size and even large. Ensure to choose the right size, available with adequate space to write without feeling down by the expanse of blankness.

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  • Look out for the layout

Once you are done with the size, you need to focus on the layout of the diary. There are various diary layouts, including horizontal week-to-view, Verso week-to-view, Day-to-view and Vertical week-to-view.

The other thing to take care of is the paper quality, which should be of higher grade, smooth finish and high opacity. For some people, the type of paper is a big deal. Hence make sure to pick their favourite – be it lined, grid-style or completely blank.

  • Decide on design

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While selecting the diary gift for your best friend, you will first look at how it looks. From customary to contemporary, design for a diary has come a long way. Now, you can customise or incorporate your friend's style in the git without compromising its durability and functionality. Some of such features are:

    1. Colour – You can choose the custom colour per your friends' favourites. However, on the other hand, black, blue and burgundy are professional corporate colours, while going for bright colours will inspire creativity in their workspace.
    2. Material – The cover on the online diary planner should be hard-wearing, like classic leather or linen. IT will have a luxurious yet long-lasting impact on the gift. On the other hand, a hardcover or flexible PV vinyl will give a durable design to describe the diary.
    3. Pattern - The key to the design is something that will inspire your friend to write. So, get the one that fits their style – vintage, simple or modern.
    4. Eco-credentials – If your friend is fond of eco-friendly things, ensure to pick a diary that is built from classic recycled material, FSC-certified paper, consumer wastes and carbon offsets. Furthermore, refillable organisers also serve as an environmentally-friendly option.
    • The basis is binding

    The diary binding is another primary thing to consider since it will determine how your friend will use it. If you are looking for a casual one for your friend to use at their desk, you may overlook the construction field. However, ensure to go for a durable cover since it can withstand the hard life, and the flexibility will ease repeated usage.

    A casebound diary will look amazing when left open or closed. While smooth binding will let your friend open the diary entirely flat or at every turn in the back itself, keeping it open to a single page. The other designer cover can cover the smooth binding for a trending and tidier appearance.

    The bottom line

    Can anyone deny that they love personalised diaries? Perhaps, it's a NO. Every one of us, we always had a craze for masking a customised collection or online diary planner, be it a pocket-sized or weekly planner. A personalised diary gift always stands out in the crowd, not just as a unique showpiece but also unveils your effort and love for the receiver.

    At Paperlla, our personalised gifts are not just limited to diaries and pens. We offer several other categories of customised journals to look out for. As you land on the website, you will find an amazing array of personalized diary gifts for your best friend, and you can even build it as per your desire. Cherish your friends together and create a memory through a gifted diary from Paperlla!


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